DigiBuilding Advisory Council

DigiBouw does not organize this unique digitization event alone. Together with various partners and industry professionals, the program is carefully put together. Don't miss anything about digitization of internal processes, digital information exchange and the latest technologies and innovations.

Members advisory board DigiBuild 2024

Royal BAM

Timothy Lievendag

"We don't always need a problem to change. We change because we want to improve."


Pieter Beuker

"Improve construction processes with Docstream, Snagstream and/or Prostream. This reduces the workload, allowing the team to focus on delivering quality and successful projects."


Leontien de Waal

As sector banker Construction, Leontien follows the main trends and developments in the built environment and sub-sectors. Her challenge lies in bringing clients' business cases and ABN AMRO's knowledge, network and financing opportunities closer together, with a particular focus on sustainability, circularity, innovation and digitalization.


Jos Obbink

"At Construsoft, we believe that together we can make construction more sustainable. Every day we advise, relieve and guide thousands of construction professionals worldwide in the field of digitization and automation. Personally, I believe in the power of connecting, especially the connection between people and in combination with technology." 

Royal Jaarbeurs

Tom van der Zwaag

"As Jaarbeurs, we see that increasing digitization within the design, construction and engineering sectors is a development that contributes in a positive way to issues of sustainability, circularity or more efficient realization of building and remodeling projects. DigiBuild is the podium to further encourage digital collaboration in the chain and to showcase practical examples in an accessible way. Forming an advisory board together with a number of experts from that chain and further shaping this event contributes to the ultimate success of DigiBuild”.

Van der Hulst Construction Company

Yvonne van der Hulst

"Innovation and the search for room to grow are continuous processes within our organization. By connecting new insights and digital techniques with traditional craftsmanship, we realize sustainable and attractive homes. We embrace digitalization by using advanced construction software and smart building methods. These technologies enable us to work more efficiently and sustainably. Together with our partners, we are building a sustainable future for the next generation, striving for a positive impact on both the environment and society." 



Martijn Carlier

"In the design, construction and engineering sectors, many parties work together to realize beautiful projects. This also requires the efficient sharing and utilization of data. digiGO promotes that digital chain collaboration and is a partner of DigiBuild because that is where we see the full breadth of the sector coming together. This is badly needed to set the pace and help realize the transformation of the Netherlands." 


Herwin Voortman

"As the construction industry continues to digitize, we at buildingSMART strong in the power of standardization to support this transformation. For years we have been actively contributing to the further digitalization of the sector. As a knowledge partner of DigiBuild 2024, we are proud to contribute to the success of the industry through our deep expertise in openBIM-standards to share. We connect professionals, foster innovation and provide solutions that improve efficiency and collaboration within the industry. Our role at DigiBuild emphasizes our commitment to a future where technology and standardization go hand in hand to take the construction industry to the next level." 


Charlotte Trip

BBE & BIM lecturer

Partners DigiBouw 2024