Building the future with Prostream at DigiBouw 2024

June 13, 2024
2 min

Construction faces major challenges. Consider the high demand for new construction to solve the housing shortage, while grid congestion is slowing new construction projects. As a result, there is renewed focus on expanding, renovating and making existing buildings more sustainable. The common denominator: all of these projects require seamless collaboration. But how do you collaborate efficiently with various parties, both internal and external, even as projects become more complex? 

The construction industry wants (and needs) to make processes more flexible, thereby easing the workload so that there is room to meet greater challenges. Software plays an important role in this. "With our tools we digitize construction processes. We have been supporting our customers for years with Docstream, Snagstream and our newest platform Prostream." said Pieter Beuker, Head of Sales & Customer Success at Pro4all. 

The Woerden-based software company is proud to contribute to DigiBouw. "We are present at DigiBouw because we want to help the sector take the next digital step. Pro4all was founded 20 years ago to help digitize the construction industry. This event is a great opportunity to look to the future together with professionals and experts." says Beuker. 

If it's up to Pro4all, Prostream is contributing to that future. The platform helps collaborate more efficiently in the areas of quality assurance, BIM, project and document management. **"Over the past 20 years, we have gained a lot of knowledge about collaboration in construction, something that is crucial in this day and age. We see that software makes it possible to face new challenges. It removes bottlenecks and creates a smoother workflow. This not only reduces errors, but also saves time and costs." In this way, Pro4all helps builders not only meet current challenges, but also be prepared for the future. 

DigiBuilding 2024
To further encourage digital proficiency within construction companies, Jaarbeurs is organizing DigiBouw 2024 in collaboration with DigiGO. A 2-day conference program complemented by an exhibition floor with companies that can provide the necessary tools to accelerate on this. Curious? Meet Pro4all on November 20 & 21 during DigiBouw 2024.


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