GeoDynamics shares knowledge around timekeeping at DigiBouw

June 27, 2024
2 min

GeoDynamics is a Belgian software company founded 20 years ago with only one goal: to save time for entrepreneurs and their administrative services by digitizing administrative and logistical tasks.

Stijn Stragier, co-founder and managing partner of GeoDynamics: "We started with a time registration system. Employees of construction companies, among others, log into their vehicles using a badge system. We list this information, along with the data from the vehicles, in a clear overview, or send it immediately to the payroll office."

In just a few years, the company became the market leader in Belgium, and expanded its offering. Stragier: "Today we have 3,500 customers, who together use 50,000 black boxes in their vehicles. Meanwhile, we also offer solutions around attendance and activity registration, material management and track-and-trace."

In this regard, GeoDynamics closely follows the legislation and offers solutions to digitize the resulting administration. For example, in Belgium, the mandatory notification of workers at construction sites can be handled entirely via the GeoDynamics app.

In 2023 GeoDynamics crossed over to the Netherlands to share its knowledge on time registration and construction site administration with construction companies. Stragier: "For this reason, we are pleased to invite these companies to our stand at DigiBouw. We will exhibit our solutions there and show how these companies can save hours of time per week through digitization and automation."

DigiBuilding 2024
To further encourage digital proficiency within construction companies, Jaarbeurs is organizing DigiBouw 2024 in collaboration with DigiGO. A 2-day conference program complemented by an exhibition floor with companies that can provide the necessary tools to accelerate on this. Curious?


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