Whitevision simplifies administrative processes in the construction industry

June 27, 2024
2 min

The correct recording of incoming documents and messages is of utmost importance for reliable administration. With Whitevision's smart software, this often-repeated work can be easily automated. The company is a market leader in the construction industry.

"We have been providing software solutions to simplify administrative processes for more than 18 years. What we see is that receiving and processing incoming invoices, order confirmations or service orders, for example, takes a lot of time and actions. That's really a waste of manpower." We want to automate this kind of recurring and monotonous work. Speaking is Frank de Wit, CEO of Whitevision.

For that, Whitevision offers smart solutions, explains De Wit. "We read inboxes and files (think emails, XML messages or digital documents such as PFD files) and interpret what's in them. We compare this to what the recipient expects and if that is correct, then the order confirmation or purchase invoice can go through automatically. If not, the document is submitted to a human for review

Added value Digibouw

Whitevision is a sponsor of the Digibouw 2024 because there is a lot happening in the construction industry right now, where our software can be very useful. "The embrace of new initiatives such as chain collaboration has led to an increase in the exchange of data, files and messages between the various parties in the chain. With this increase in diversity of document types also comes the challenge of putting it all into practice, because only then are the benefits really experienced. We ensure that there is one way for the employee who has to process all these forms and types of documents, allowing companies to keep control of this process and realize the savings." Thus Frank de Wit.

DigiBuilding 2024
To further encourage digital proficiency within construction companies, Jaarbeurs is organizing DigiBouw 2024 in collaboration with DigiGO. A 2-day conference program complemented by an exhibition floor with companies that can provide the necessary tools to accelerate on this. Curious? Meet Whitevision on November 20 & 21 during DigiBouw 2024.


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