Working together on sustainable events

Sustainability Pledge

Royal Jaarbeurs has the ambition to become the most sustainable organizer and facilitator of exhibitions and events in Europe.Atour operation and content program, we are already taking many initiatives to make events more sustainable, such as waste separation, a sustainable hospitality assortment and sustainability as a theme at the fair.

By thepledge, or promise, by signing Jaarbeurs, exhibitors and visitors promise to take responsibility for sustainability. Both in operations,organization as the visit. 

Working together for a sustainable future

The construction and installation industry is working to make the industry more sustainable. The industry has expressed its desire to be CO2 neutral by 2030. As Jaarbeurs, we want to promote sustainability in the sector by organizing the trade fair as sustainably as possible, while encouraging exhibitors and visitors to participate/visit the event in a sustainable manner.

When you sign the pledge, you promise:

  1. Travel climate-neutral to Jaarbeurs
  2. Use circular materials
  3. Choosing responsible consumption
  4. Encouraging others to participate

"In everything we do, sustainability comes to the fore."

Hans Smid, Vice-President Digital Energy at Schneider Electric, on sustainability: "At every point in our organization, we bring sustainability to the forefront." Schneider Electric has been focusing on sustainability for 25 years. The company was named the most sustainable organization in the world in 2022, and they are super proud of that. Using the United Nations' SDGs, the company is working toward its sustainability goals.

Hans Smid: "Sustainability is in our blood." Scheider Electric's booth during VSK 2024, for example, was completely circularly built. Signing the Sustainability Pledge was a no-brainer for Schneider Electric.

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"A better outside, starts inside."

Beatrijs van de Ven, Marketing & Communication Director at Remeha Netherlands: "At Remeha, sustainability is of great importance. In everything we do." And that was evident during VSK 2024 where Remeha had a fully circular stand. No carpeting, packaging material from boilers as the foundation for the bar and recycled expansion vessels as lampshades.

Remeha supports the Jaarbeurs goal of being the most sustainable and climate-neutral event venue in Europe by 2030 and therefore signed the Sustainability Pledge

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"Sustainability is something you do together."

Erik van Dongen, Manager Marketing & Product Management at Zehnder Group Netherlands, develops a variety of sustainable solutions: "As a manufacturer, we want to show what our product contributes to environmental performance." Zehnder develops healthy, comfortable & sustainable products. The company is taking the first step to work more sustainably together with partners, because sustainability is something you do together.

Zehnder endorses Jaarbeurs 's ambition to be Europe's most sustainable and climate-neutral event venue by 2030 and has therefore signed the Sustainability Pledge.

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Pledge for Jaarbeurs

  1. CO2 neutral by 2030.
  2. Organize sustainable and circular trade shows in the construction and installation segment.
  3. Demonstrate industry leadership by being transparent on ESG goals and driving the sustainable transition in the industry.
  4. Taking social responsibility by supporting and engaging in social initiatives.

Pledge for exhibitors

  1. As a team, climate-neutral travel to Jaarbeurs and logistics transport with minimal emissions.
  2. Building the booth with circular and sustainable materials.
  3. Choosing to consume responsibly by bringing your own water bottle, choosing sustainable options for food and separating waste properly.
  4. Encourage others to join the pledge.

Pledge for visitors

  1. Climate neutral travel to Jaarbeurs.
  2. Reduce the use of materials: adopt fewer promotional materials, connect online.
  3. Choosing to consume responsibly by bringing your own water bottle, choosing sustainable options for food and separating waste properly.
  4. Encourage others to join the pledge.