Ed Controls: efficiency and innovation in the construction industry with digitalization

June 27, 2024
2 min

Ed Controls is participating in Digibouw to digitize the construction industry, increasing project efficiency and sustainability. "Our app helps construction teams work paperless, improve processes and save time," said Michiel, CEO of Ed Controls. Through real-time insights and better communication, Ed Controls reduces chaos on site and projects are delivered on time and on budget. "Our app makes task allocation, progress monitoring and inspections easy," adds CEO Rutger-Jan.

Ed Controls helps ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards, which improves the quality and safety of construction projects. "Through digital inspection and compliance data, we reduce risks and improve quality," says Michiel. With the introduction of the Building Quality Assurance Act (Wkb), Ed Controls offers a complete solution to meet these new requirements.

Aalberts Bouw is using Ed Controls in the construction of a residential development in Bunschoten for quality and safety inspections, to comply with legislation and ensure quality. "We use the app from the start of every construction project," says Jan Horst of Aalberts Bouw.

During Ed Controls' customer day on April 18, William Bosschaart explained how HSB Bouw has been using the app since the early 2020s. "For every project, big or small, we create one or more Ed Controls projects by default," William said. "Everyone at us knows the program because it is so user-friendly that we only have to explain it once." " In addition to ourselves and subcontractors, we also let residents participate in quality assurance."

DigiBuilding 2024
To further encourage digital proficiency within construction companies, Jaarbeurs is organizing DigiBouw 2024 in collaboration with DigiGO. A 2-day conference program complemented by an exhibition floor with companies that can provide the necessary tools to accelerate on this. Curious? Discover the future of construction management at Ed Controls at Digibouw on November 20 & 21, 2024.



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