at DigiBouw: Innovation in the Construction Industry

May 27, 2024
2 min, a company known for its advanced technologies in the construction industry, is participating in DigiBouw, the leading event for digital innovations in construction. OpenSpace 's mission is to make construction projects more efficient and transparent through real-time photo documentation and artificial intelligence.

The platform uses 360-degree cameras and AI to fully document construction sites, leading to unprecedented accuracy and efficiency in
project control. "Our technology enables a complete, accurate record of the construction site within minutes," said Sander Lijbers, Regional Manager at OpenSpace. "This not only saves time, but also minimizes the risk of errors and misunderstandings."

Visitors at the event can see how easy it is to capture construction sites and how users can quickly access up-to-date information and project statuses. With their participation in DigiBouw, OpenSpace underscores their commitment to the continuous improvement of the construction industry through digitization. "We want to show how our technology improves communication and collaboration between all parties involved," adds Lijbers. "Our customers are seeing a significant reduction in construction errors and an acceleration of the construction process. "This is the future of the construction industry."

In short, invites all interested parties to visit their booth at DigiBouw and experience for themselves how their innovative solutions are transforming the construction industry. DigiBouw provides a platform for interaction, learning and discovery, and plays a key role in this by presenting their groundbreaking technology.

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DigiBuilding 2024
To further encourage digital proficiency within construction companies, Jaarbeurs is organizing DigiBouw 2024 in collaboration with DigiGO. A 2-day conference program complemented by an exhibition floor with companies that can provide the necessary tools to accelerate on this. Curious? Meet at Digibouw on November 20 & 21, 2024.


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